London Interrupted

London’s most daring thief. England’s most crooked cop and a robbery like none the Capital has ever seen.


Welcome to the online home of Crime Thriller Author J.A.Marley. He’s quite friendly, likes dogs, good whiskey and page turning books filled with intrigue and dialogue that crackles…come on in for a closer look.

Danny Felix Book 2

Religion, dirty drugs money and an unwelcome blast from the past all combine to disrupt Danny’s hard won calm.

Planted Series

This will be my new project running alongside the Danny Felix Adventures. Set in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s, these thrillers will draw heavily on my personal experiences of what life was like during Belfast’s most tragic time.

Need a quick Danny fix? Something to amuse you over lunch at your desk or idle surfing instead of work? Well Snackable Danny is here to the rescue. Mini stories from the world of Danny Felix and his cohorts. Enjoy!


Musings, mumblings and mutinous thoughts, all without filter…subscribe should you dare!

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