Danny took a long, slow in breath before raising his gaze, locking eyes with Slaughter. He shifted slightly in his seat before speaking to the hulk of a man in front of him.

“I have a question for you.”

“Go ahead. Waste more of what little time you have left.”

“Do you have a practice? A routine? Something that helps you de-stress, lower the cortisol levels? Maybe a little meditation or some soothing music you like to listen to?”

Slaughter’s face contorted into a sneer of contempt.

“No, I fucking don’t.”

“Really? What a shame. I do.”

“And what would that…practice…be?”

“I like to punch assholes”

Danny’s sharp uppercut connected sweetly with Slaughter’s chin, the unmistakeable sound of teeth smashing unexpectedly together audible across the room.

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